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The Lower Falls Improvement Association’s Riverside Committee is a neighborhood group concerned about oversized development at the Riverside MBTA Station in Newton

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What is RightSize Newton? 

The LFIA Riverside Committee, known as RightSize Riverside, focuses specifically on the proposed Riverside Station development. RightSize Newton, a nonprofit civic organization, advocates for appropriately sized and thoughtful development across Newton. Our committee supports the goals and values of RightSize Newton.

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A birds-eye view of Newton Lower Falls, seen from above. Note the abundance of green space, low-rise houses, and Riverside station on top left.


We are a neighborhood group concerned about development at Riverside. We oppose the current Mark Development proposal as too big, too dense, too tall, too urban, and inappropriate for this location.

The proposal is for a mixed-use project that, if approved by the Newton City Council, would insert a high-rise, dense, urban, privately owned “village” between two low-rise historic villages — Newton Lower Falls and Auburndale.

The current proposal would set a precedent for a massive development that threatens to destroy the very fabric of our communities. It would:

·      Cause staggering traffic on local roads and highways
·      Strain the capacity of the already-challenged MBTA
·      Have ripple effects on Newton schools, infrastructure, and emergency services
·     Overwhelm its neighbors with its shocking size, scale, and towering buildings

RightSize Riverside — The Lower Falls Improvement Association’s Riverside Committee — supports sensible, sustainable development at Riverside that:

  • Reflects the  scale of our villages
  • Is limited to traffic that our streets can bear
  • Provides access to efficient and reliable transportation
  • Welcomes people of ALL ages, backgrounds, and abilities
  • Creates real affordable housing
  • Preserves green and open space
  • Provides indoor and outdoor community space
  • Connects our communities

We urge you to learn about this project and tell our elected officials how you feel.

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Questions and concerns? Contact us at lfiariverside@gmail.com

RightSize Riverside  - LFIA
91 Cornell St.                           

Newton Lower Falls, MA 02462


The Newton Lower Falls Improvement Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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