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 Your Riverside Committee is hard at work responding to the imminent development proposal at the Riverside MBTA station.

The Land Use Committee of the Newton City Council welcomed our comments in response to the Mark Development presentation on March 14th. View these slides and download the text of our comments to read the words that were spoken with the the slides. A video of the entire 3.5 hour meeting a can be viewed on the NewTV website.

Donate to fund the legal, traffic, public relations. and other professional services we need now to defend our neighborhood.

RightSize Riverside

What you need to know --and what you can do--about the proposed development at Riverside.

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 Lower Fall Improvement Association Committees

There shall be five standing committees, each of which shall consist of a Chairman, and as many members as the Chairman shall determine appropriate. There may also be one or more “Special Committees,”

(a) Civic – The Civic Committee shall have charge of all matters concerning civic improvement, betterment, or other civic affairs.
(b) Nominating – The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of officers and present same at the annual meeting to be voted on by the members.
(c) Membership – The Membership Committee shall contact and invite eligible persons to join the association, and shall maintain records of all current members
(e) Beautification – The Beautification Committee shall have the responsibility for planning all planting and related beautification efforts, as well as any and all fundraising necessary to carry out these functions.

Constitution 2005


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The objectives of this association shall be to promote the neighborly interests of its members; to foster community spirit; and to do such things as may be appropriate or necessary to accomplish civic improvement. Its attitude shall be at all times strictly non-partisan, non-political and non-sectarian. 

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The Newton Lower Falls Improvement Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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